SENTRY makes it easy to maintain a safe distance

SENTRY makes it easy for employees in enterprises and administration offices to understand and interpret distance regulations.

SENTRY makes it easy for service agents to maintain safe distances from customers without appearing to be impolite.

At exhibitions and conferences, SENTRY helps security staff maintain safe distances between participants, in a clear and unambiguous manner.

At the shops, or when visiting museums, libraries, exhibitions or other public destinations, SENTRY provides an ever present reminder to maintain safe contact distances.

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Improved personal security through distance projection

During the Covid19 pandemic it is essential to maintain a minimum safe distance between people, particularly in public spaces.

SENTRY has been developed specifically to help customers and employees during these periods of restricted mobility and lock-downs.

SENTRY projects a graphic pattern onto the floor, in front of the person carrying it, clearly delineating the safe recommended distance.

Compact, convenient and unobtrusive

Smaller than a typical name-badge holder and thinner than a computer mouse.

Only 60 mm wide, 70 mm high and 32 mm deep (inc. clip)

Low weight – long life operation

Weighing less than 100 grams, SENTRY is half the weight of many smartphones.

The rechargeable batteries have 3 hours of continuous use, and can be charged using a readily available standard USB-C power supply.

Easy to use - „wear and walk“

SENTRY is worn around the neck on a lanyard, or clipped to the collar of a garment, or can be attached magnetically to a shirt or jacket.

To preserve battery life SENTRY incorporates a movement sensor – if there has been no movement for 30 seconds it automatically goes into „sleep“ mode.

Built-in safety feature, easy to clean

SENTRY‘s pattern projector has an auto shut-off feature should the device be moved from it’s normal operating position, preventing other persons from receiving illumination.

Should children or pets move within the safe area, a proximity sensor switches the beam off.

Temperature and Battery Status indicators ensure complete safety and ease of use.

Requiring no handling whilst in use, SENTRY may be quickly be sanitized between users.

Branding Option

To special order, the SENTRY may also carry branding or sponsorship messages in it’s projection pattern.

SENTRY can also be labelled with the brand logo of the customer or a sponsor and can be customized with an individual skin.

Technical data

Width 60 mm
Height 70 mm
Depth 32 mm incl. clip
Weight: 100 g
Lamp: Laser source
Power supply: 2 x AAA batteries (included)

SENTRY has been equipped with a laser module and classified as Class 1 of IEC standard 60825-1 Ed.3 2014.

Do not look directly into the beam!

Who we are

Klotz communications GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes digital production systems for broadcast and streaming. Our main markets are in Europa, China and Africa.

Located in Munich, our company cooperates closely with our technology and manufacturing partners in Germany, UK, China and Taiwan.

Together with our partners, we have developed SENTRY in shortest possible time and are ready for production now.

SENTRY is manufactured in Germany and UK and we plan to ship large quantities during May 2020.

As we want to give as many people as possible fastest access to SENTRY, we have decided to offer third-party manufacturers to license the design of SENTRY for local production in their countries.


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